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This mural, designed by Mario Uribe , was approved by the City of Santa Rosa on July 18, 2016.  It is to be installed directly on the northwest corner of the 5th Street Parking Garage, employing student artists with Artstart. See location here.


With an estimated budget of $9,000, the mural is expected to be funded in part by local government grants. We need the matching financial support of individuals, families, organizations, and businesses - please make your donation today.  You can make a donation in your name, as a gift, or anonymously.


About The Mural

After considering several alternatives, the design team centered around an enduring characteristic of our area - the California Redwood. Since the wall is stark and vertical, we wanted to select something that provided an uplifting invitation to engage the imagination. “The mural brings an element of surprise and regional beauty to a subject, the wall, which is imposing, unfriendly, and not very attractive on it’s own," observed Mr. Uribe.


About Mario Uribe

Mario Uribe is a graduate of The California Institute of the Arts. He has since worked exclusively as an artist, in a diversity of media, ranging from animation, painting, printmaking, sculpture and public art. He has exhibited widely in this country, Europe, Asia and Mexico. His works form part of many museum and private collections.


About Artstart

Artstart is an award-winning, 501(c)3 non-profit educational arts organization serving all of Sonoma County for over 17 years and responsible for providing training and mentoring in the arts for hundreds of Sonoma County young artists, while creating public art for our community.


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